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The Sun’s Kiss begins to Sting approaches connectivity as a central point within our contemporary context, how this is evolving and how light alters our approach, engagement and experience of social and physical environments. 


Through this newly developed body of work, Lina Buck investigates the social and environmental impacts of the rapidly increasing development of urban infrastructure and industry. Addressing the implications of increasing global heat on social and environmental livelihood through exploring cast shadows (shade) as a space of refuge, connectivity, and reflection. The organic expansion and sharing of practices, resources, knowledge, and experiences of belonging are limited by a communities access to sociality. Notions of security and the cohesive well-being of an individual are upheld through the support from family, peers and community. Buck explores this through presenting works that approach the fragile balance of maintaining connectivity within a context of vastly increasing growth. 


The Sun’s Kiss begins to Sting highlights public spaces as opportunistic spaces for gathering and sociality. Reflecting on the politics of public and private space and how an increase in heat and light may affect the organic growth of communities to come.


Performance sequences shot by: Aaron Claringbold, 

Performers: Airlie Forbes, Isabel Buck and Paul Murphy

Shoot assistant: Brigitte Trobbiani

Capenter/builder: Garth Howells 

Exhibited (Solo) at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, November 2022 - March 2023.

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