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The body of work STILLMOVING focuses on shifting notions of the mundane and everyday material encounters through processes of repurposing and assemblage. The work touches on the physical and subjective experience of the objects and the material. Extended by the material's purpose through time, the works reflect on the sense of movement one’s body can receive from a material's physicality such as shape, texture and colour, still and moving.


Each element embodies a shared theme – they play in dialogue with one another and find unity in their commonality. Viewers are invited to activate the space between; play, work or rest amongst the exhibit, becoming part of the whole. Not dissimilar to the theory of Gestalt (the whole is more than the sum of its parts). As our body moves between the negative space, we piece together its inhabitants, finding understanding in placing them as a whole. The work is an invitation to anticipate your surroundings through acts of recognition and discovery within the artworks and the space between. 


The exhibit investigates the innate relationship between material, perception and experience through the body suggesting an ongoing process of personification in ways of understanding and forming the ‘familiar’. 

STILLMOVING was developed in collaboration with Isabel Buck, and was exhibited at At the Above, 2022.

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