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In Context (Actions Becoming) 2018, a 2-channel video projection, considers the individual’s approach to space and the factors that shape this experience. With a specific focus on time through action, Lina Buck examines the figure, the object and the space in which they reside. Continuously immersed by an ongoing discourse of alteration, the work offers insight into the natural process of ‘becoming’ through reproduction of a state of continual flux.

In Context (Actions Becoming) was developed while the artist was completing their Bachelor of Art (Fine Art) (Honours) at RMIT University. 

Shot by Aaron Claringbold
Performers: Isabel Buck, Soul Mckenzie, Sandro Alexanderia and Rikki Varty. 

In Context (Actions Becoming) was as finalist in the 2019 RAMSAY Art Prize at the Art Gallery of Australia. 

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