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I am Speaking, the Language I am Speaking (Iteration 1: Leipzig) 2023

Single-channel video, sound, 4’30’’


Through language we engage with the world around us, igniting and supporting connections to family, culture, site and history. Language can hold joy and comfort, grief and pain. A Mother tongue means something different to everyone. The work highlights language adaptability, diversity and its ability to form deeper connections to social and physical environments. 




Adrienne M Finnerty (IE), Anton Driesen (BE), Elizaveta Bazhkova (BY), Eugenia Soma (AR)

Hee Je Cho (KR), Hyeji Lee (KR), Luize Mendes Dias (BR), Maeshelle West-Davies (US/UK/DE), Michaël Arrondeau (FR), Polina Rybaltchenko (IE), Yingtong Zhou (CN), Julianne Csapo (DE/RO)

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