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Each Other examines functions of social interaction and intimacy, developed in early 2021, the work came as a response to the flux and changes in these notions. Addressing elements of the interconnectedness of contemporary living through recorded performance. Each Other approaches the unforeseen nature of social and physical connectedness, its importance and ever-so-shifting accessibility. 


          The body moves forward, onwards, always in a continued state. Each relates themselves to the other; a process of reaffirming self while confirmative to others. Rhythmic embraces are held and lost. Emerging through sensory notions, a cohesive path is made, body to body, moving to still, moving to moving. As quickly as touch is felt has it passed; the uncontrolled nature of the other. Each negotiates a self amongst the group, together they play their roles, adapting and morphing as one.

Each Other was produced while completing the Centre for Projection Art Digital Residency at Collingwood Yards in 2021.

Work shot by Aaron Claringbold
Performers: Airlie Forbes, Paul Murphy, Isabel Buck, Rikki Varty and Awhina. 


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