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The environment transforms while remaining constant, change is natural. It Isn’t Always, Always investigates the microcosm of the physical, psychological, and experiential relationship we all inherently share with the landscape that surrounds us. Captured through the memories of lived experience.

Lina Buck uses Multi-Arts Pavilion Mima, Lake Macquarie and its surrounds as the surface for her investigation into the landscape. A gentle interaction, a landscape encased by movement. Buck reflects on the sounds and patterns of the wind and water, the erosion of the soil, and the infancy of rock. Life cradled by land. 


It Isn’t Always, Always embeds processes of embodied sense-making in measuring spatial encounters. A melding of environment and its inhabitants through a common thread. Through scale and perspective It Isn’t Always, Always reflects on overlapping narratives, a world that is shifting, finding locality amongst the transit. 

Objets Trouvérs (1st of March 2024), 12 minutes

Collaborator/dancer: Belle Beasley

Collaborators/dancers: Remy Rochester and Strickland Young

Sense-making 2024

6 - channel sound ports, 

1 minute 33 seconds (total)  

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